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Which statement is correct for get and put functions in c

Correct Answer is: The get function read One character value and put function output One character value.

Explanation :
What is use of get() and put() functions in c ?
The get() and put() functions in C are used to read and write characters to the standard input and output streams, respectively.

What is difference between get() and put() functions in c ?

  • get() is a character-oriented function, while put() is a byte-oriented function.
    This means that get() will read a single character at a time, while put() will write a single byte at a time.
  • get() ignores whitespace characters, while put() does not.
    This means that get() will not read any spaces, tabs, or newline characters, while put() will write all of these characters.
  • get() returns the character that was read, while put() returns the number of bytes that were written.
    This means that get() can be used to read a single character, while put() can be used to write a string of characters.

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void main(void){
int shifty;
printf(“The value of shifty is %o \n”,shifty);

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