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Flow Charts

The symbol that represents an operation in a flowcharts is ______

Correct Answer is  : Ractangle

Common flow charts symbols are given below

Flowchart SymbolNameDescription
Process Flowchart SymbolProcess symbolProcess symbol known as an “Action Symbol,” this represents a process, action, function. It is the most widely-used symbol in flowchart.
Start/End Flowchart SymbolStart/End symbolStart/End symbol is Also known as the Terminator Symbol, this symbol represent the start point and the end points. Often contains “Start” or “End” text within shape.
Document Flowchart SymbolDocument symbolRepresents the input or output of a document, specifically.
Decision Flowchart SymbolDecision symbolRepresent usually yes/no or true/false.
Connector Flowchart SymbolConnector symbolThis is Usually used within more complex flow charts, this symbol connects separate elements across one page.
Off-page Connector Flowchart SymbolOff-Page Connector/Link symbol This symbol connects separate elements across multiple pages with the page number usually placed on or within the shape for easy reference.
Input/Output Flowchart SymbolInput/Output symbolAlso referred to as the “Data Symbol,” this shape represents data that is available for input or output .
Comment Flowchart SymbolComment/Note symbolPlaced along with context, this symbol adds needed explanation or comments within the specified range.

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