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Computer Fundamental

The only language which the computer understand is ________. एक मात्र भाषा जिसे कंप्यूटर समझता है

Correct Answer is: Binay Language

The only language which the computer understand is Binary language
Binary code is a system by which numbers, letters and other information are represented using only two symbols, or binary digits that is either 0 or 1.

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Q.If ‘M’ denotes the number of memory locations and ‘N’ denotes the word size, then an expression that denotes the storage capacity is_______.

Q.Which of the following is independent of the address bus?

Q.Size of the ________ memory mainly depends on the size of the address bus.

Q.Which of the following is the fastest means of memory access for CPU?

Q.Any electronic holding where data can be stored and retrieved later whenever required is _____.

Q.What does SVGA stand for || Full form of SVGA ?

Q.PCI stands for ______ || What is full form of PCI _______.

Q.Line Printers that print one line a time are______.

Q.The devices that used to give single or multiple colored images and drawings are ?

Q.VDU stands for ______ ?