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Computer Fundamental

Storage Devices & Memory

Any electronic holding where data can be stored and retrieved later whenever required is _____.

Correct Answer is: Memory

Memory is the electronic holding place where data can be stored and retrieved later whenever required. Memory is a basic function of a computer. Without it, a computer would not be able to function properly.

Memory can be classified into: Cache, Main memory, Register, Secondary memory, Primary memory.
Some common types of backing storage devices are:

  • Hard drives
  • SSD
  • External hard disk drives
  • Optical media such as CD or DVD
  • Flash media such as thumbdrives

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Q.The average time required to reach a storage location in memory and obtain its contents is called the

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Q.If ‘M’ denotes the number of memory locations and ‘N’ denotes the word size, then an expression that denotes the storage capacity is_______.

Q.What is the location of the internal registers of CPU ?

Q.Which of the following is independent of the address bus?

Q.Size of the ________ memory mainly depends on the size of the address bus.

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Q.What does SVGA stand for || Full form of SVGA ?

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